The nursing hymn

A solemn laudatory song praising lofty ideas and respectable acts of nurses, sung during professional ceremonies. Usually consists of four stanzas, in practice often modified either in literary or musical aspect.

  • 1935 — text and melody of the nursing hymn written by Jan Kielarski on the Polish Red Cross Management Board commission,
  • 1948 -1949 — new text (after the World War 2) written by Danuta Krystyna Zahaczewska-Sobolewska,
  • 1971 — text adapted by Małgorzata Okrąglak-Lisowska to the melody composed by Chamerski,
  • 1989 - final binding version accepted by the PNA Management Board on February 20th, 1989 (Bulletin No 5/IX/1989).

The hymn meaning

Value: humanitarian ideas of nursing profession and respectable acts.

Professional integration: unity while singing or listening.

Elaboration: Krystyna Wolska-Lipiec