The Act on Nursing Profession

The Act on Nursing Profession was accepted on February 21st, 1935 (Dz.U.R.P. No 27, pos. 199). It was the result of common efforts of the Ministry of Social Care – the Department of Health Care, the National Health Council, and nurses active in the Polish Association of Professional Nurses, managed by Maria Babicka-Zachertowa, chief of the Nursing Unit in the Department mentioned above.
Nursing as a professiona gained legal fundaments, standardized range of rights and duties, organization of the profession, and curricula in nursing schools. The obligatory registration of nurses was introduced, as well as  keeping an official secrets. The Act warranted possibility of professional nursing development in Poland, was an expression of public and governmental understanding and appreciation to the nursing profession status. It came into force 3 months after publication, and this was a date when underprepared person was any longer allowed to join nursing.
The Act was accompanied by an executive regulation – the Ministry of Social Care Regulation on March 17th, 1936 on nursing (Dz.U.R.P. No 28, pos. 229).

Elaborated by Ewa Szkiela