Aleksandra Dąmbska 1902-1988


Jan Kazimierz University in Lvov, Faculty of Philosophy
The Warsaw Nursing School – Course No VII – 1926

In the years 1926-1939 she worked in an anti-tuberculosis clinic of the Association of Fight against Tuberculosis in Lvov. In August 1939 she was mobilized to a medical train as a senior nurse, she cared for injured soldiers transported from Śląsk region do hospitals on Cracow – Lvov route. In the years 1939-1941 back in the anti-tuberculosis clinic, since February 1945 on behalf of the Central Welfare Council. Member of the Union of Active Struggle and the Home Army, she was hiding former Polish officers, run a central medical storehouse for the HA, and supplied food, underwear, and messages to prison. In February 1945 she run away before arrestment by NKVD (and changed name – Rudecka).
After the war she worked a dozen of years as a manager of nursing education in a nursing school in Gdańsk, then for 20 years in church nursing in Cracow. At the end of her life she organized telephone help for the patients staying permanently at home.


  • The Silver Cross of Merit (twice)
  • The Home Army Cross
  • The Model Work in Health Care Distinction
  • The Polish Nurses’ Association Honorary Badge
  • The Order of Polonia Restituta – the Knight’s Cross (she did not accepted it)

Source: Pochylone nad człowiekiem. Warszawa 1993, vol. 2, p. 388.

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